When you enter your Minecraft username, please make sure it's entered Case Sensitive.
Please always make sure you have enough inventory space for your purchased goods
if issues occur, contact our server administration, and they will have a look at it.
All purchased products of our FarmConomy Store may take up to 15 minutes to process.

My purchased goods didn't arrive in-game yet?

Every payment is processed by our systems and will be executed within 15 minutes.
We require you to stay online on the FarmConomy server when purchasing anything
of our store. Please do not log out from our network while waiting on your payment
to process. Please wait up to 15 minutes before contacting our server administration.

Terms of Service & Refund Policy

All payments to the FarmConomy network are payments for the virtual items included
in the purchase. All processed transactions are final, and no refunds are issued.
If you are banned for violating our server/discord rules, no refund will be provided.
Bans are subject to the full discretion of the server administrators and rules can
and may be changed at any time. Refund requests will be denied under any circumstance.
May this be concerning ping, game glitches, or any other potential issue. All purchased
items are virtual and have no real monetary value.

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